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Thulamela Local Municipality hosted the first Annual Ward Committee Conference at the Indoor Sports Centre with the aim of strengthening the relationship between Ward committees, Ward Councillors, Community Development Workers (CDW, S).

The conference was celebrated under the theme "Together we deliver quality basic services to our communities"

The conference gives opportunity for Ward committees to know about Municipal plans and development so that they communicate better with community members.

Thulamela Municipality has 41 Wards and all of them has Ward Committees. More than 400 Ward committee members attended the event including councillors, CDWs and Traditional Leaders.

The event which was led by the Speaker of Thulamela Municipality Councillor Humbulani Mulovhedzi encouraged all Ward Committee members that they are the tools for improving service delivery.

She further said Ward committee members serves as communicators through which communities inform Municipal Council about their needs, wants and their problems.

Councillor Humbulani Mulovhedzi further said Ward Committees should aim at promoting the goals that the Municipality seek to archive.

"Both Ward Councillors and Ward Committees must work together in making sure that our people receive quality services. We except both of them to submit service delivery report from their Wards in our offices so that we see what is happening in the ground" said Cllr Mulovhedzi.

One of Ward Committee Member Mr. Phosiwa Mawela said since the election of the new Council they are working very well as Ward Committees with the Municipality.

He further said that the conference was informative for them and said that they will go back to their respectively communities and share all information that they have gathered from the conference.


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