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Roads projects implemented in the Municipality continue to contribute towards creation jobs for the poor.

This was said by Thulamela Local Mayor Grace Mahosi last week as she continues to visit road projects that are being implemented and to check on progress made at Maungani Village.

Mayor Grace Mahosi said "the main purpose of visiting projects is to check progress being made, monitor and ensure that the right quality is delivered to our communities".

R51.6 Million has been set aside to construct the 2.5 kilometre Maungani road. Despite challenges that both contractor and engineers are facing, the project is at 51% in terms of progress.

Project engineer Mr. Warren Laubster said they are facing challenges as community members are vandalising and steaing materials from the site.

On behalf of community members Mr. Zwivhuya Mutsila appreciated the effort made by the Municipality in constructing the road. "We used to know that Maungani road falls under Provincial Government but through the effort of our Local Municipality there is a new development in our village." Said Zwivhuya.

The project has created more jobs for the locals which includes people living with disabilities.



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