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Thulamela Municipality Honour Its Senior Citizens

Thulamela Municipality hosted Senior citizens day on Friday last week at Malamulele Stadium. October month is dedicated for elderly people in South Africa and various activities were being conducted throughout the country.

The objective of the event was to create awareness and educate community member`s especially elderly people about their rights.

Speaking during the event the Mayor Councillor Grace Mahosi said as the Municipality we are proud to pay tribute to Senior citizens who played an important role in building our country. Throughout our history older people have achieved much for our families, our communities and our country.

"Youth must respect our elderly because the freedom which is celebrated today is because they fought for it. Today elderly people have access to free hospitality, free basic electricity and government grant because they deserve it", said Mahosi.

A representative from Malamulele police station Mr. Colonel Serekwane encouraged all community members to protect elders against violence. Taking government grants of elderly by force is a crime and must be reported. They deserve care, respect and protection", said Serekwane.

Mr. Makhubela Amose from Malamulele A section who was amongst the elderly said he was not interested to attend the event but as he approach the stadium he was amazed to see other elders enjoying themselves. Makhubele also said “We are happy that government recognises us. "We are enjoying what we had fought for during apartheid era, because we no longer carry` dompas` while travelling ".


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