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Imbizo Focus week at Itsani Village (Tshasahulu)

Thulamela Municipality hosted a Mayoral Public participation at Tshisahulu village of Itsani under ward 37 on 10th October 2016. The Imbizo was organised in line with national calendar of Imbizo Focus week which started on the 7th until 13th October 2016 to engage residents and bring government services closer to the people. As part of the Imbizo, Mayor Avhashoni Tshifhango, accompanied by Thulamela EXCO and administrators visited Chief Makumbane’s palace and held a briefing session with the Chief’s council to get in touch with the needs of the community. Mayor Tshifhango reiterated the need for strengthening cooperative governance in order to fight poverty in the rural area. He also confirmed Thulamela’s approach of putting traditional leadership at the centre of smooth administration and proper service delivery in the rural.

The Mayor also visited an impoverished Mr Mahada’s household as courtesy pre Imbizo event visit. With him he brought food parcels and blankets and also committed to intervene on the housing crisis that Mr Mahada is in. As a sign to show that the visit is not in vain, an emergency house was already delivered before the end of the day. The main event was abuzz with sector departments, financial services institutions, parastatals and community members. In a move to encourage active participation, community members were given a platform to air their views and needs to the government whilst others were accessing government services and other services in the stalls. At the end of the day, the Imbizo lived up to the approach that informed and active citizenry is critical towards delivering excellent service to the people.


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